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The Busy BEEs of Los Angeles

Blue Eyed Entertainment Inc. is a hip, homegrown, and hardworking Los Angeles-based company, specializing in Public Relations and Event Production. Additionally, Blue Eyed Entertainment offers a wide array of services in industries such as Beauty, Entertainment, and Events.


Busy BEEs specializing in events, marketing, social media and public relations give the company its extra buzz of freshness, fun, and focus. Our philosophy: "Positive thinkers create Positive Outcome." Contact "B.E.E." with your company needs, and we'll get buzzing on a unique plan to help move your company to the next level.

Meet the B.E.E. Team


Kit Wallace

Founder, President

Blue Eyed Entertainment is run by Kit Wallace, a woman whose passion for her client’s success is as fresh and focused as her company’s name would suggest.
Kit’s knowledge of the inner-workings of television production, music booking, celebrity management, talent coordination, producing TV segments and product placement is vast and can be attributed to her experience working in Talent for networks like NBC, E!, Fox and Comedy Central. She also contributes her time to The Grammys, The Golden Globes, VMAs, The Oscars, AMAs, Young Hollywood Awards, Fran Drescher’s “Cancer Schmancer,” and the Melanoma Research Foundation.
After graduating from Mississippi State with a Communications degree and an emphasis in Public Relations, Kit went on to work for Big Hassle Media, Malaco Music Group, Maris, West & Baker Advertising and was then promoted as the Marketing Director for 930 Blues Café. Before her move to Los Angeles, Kit served as the Director of Public Relations for The Good Samaritan Center, a non-profit in Jackson, Mississippi.
Whether you’re new in town or an A-list star, Wallace’s company visualizes and implements a plan to further your success. Blue Eyed Entertainment has a variety of clients in photography, music, fashion, jewelry, hair, and skincare, as well as manages celebrities and influencers.   Blue Eyed Entertainment’s expertise creates lasting results, all while having fun! 

"If you love what you do, you are going to be successful"

- Kit Wallace

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    Marketing Manager

    Ever since Darcy Hoek joined Blue Eyed Entertainment, she humorously refers to herself as the “green-eyed” division. A graduate of California Lutheran University with a major in English and a minor in Communications, Darcy has worked in various aspects of the marketing world her entire career. Her foray into marketing began by working for an event company that produced bridal trade shows.  She then continued with an in-house marketing position for one of the nation’s largest law firms in downtown San Francisco, where she coordinated events large and small.


    Moving on to be the marketing manager for a privately-owned software company, it gave her the opportunity to learn more about direct marketing in a growing, fast-paced industry while utilizing her writing and editing skills on everything from user manuals to website development. Taking some time off to have three wonderful kids also gave Darcy the freedom to freelance and dabble in public relations and additional event coordination projects. Hoek and Wallace met in 2017 when their daughters worked together on an entertainment job.  This was where they realized that their talents, interests and work ethics were well-matched, and they soon hatched a plan to work together, have fun everyday and exceed client expectations!


    As Blue Eyed Entertainment’s marketing manager, you can expect to find Darcy calling clients, coordinating details and proofing materials, all to help the client experience be the best in the industry.

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    Brad belk

    Marketing & Social Media Executive

    Bradley Belk graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. At age 36, he moved to California to pursue entertainment hosting and to continue building his social media brand: bad, power, confidence, and being exactly who he is. He loves working at BEE because he is able to work with brands he loves!

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    Edmond coblentz


    A native of Los Angeles, Edmond grew up surrounded by the entertainment world. With an eye for beauty, he began to capture the images of people and places behind the lens. In his 20s, he met, trained, and worked for Oscar winner Stephen H. Flick. Today, with over 20 years experience in post-production, Edmond is a Photographer
    and a Supervising Sound Editor (actually, a Visual / Sound Dramatist) who loves his work with a passion.



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